Hi there!

My name is Emily, or as I will be more commonly known on this blog, the toiling traveler!

Ever since I was young (since the time I got my hands on a globe), I have had a great desire to travel the world and see all that the Lord has created in it. Now, at fifteen years old, God has given me the answer to making the most out of my traveling experiences: blogging! On this blog, I will be documenting all of my vacations, trips, and weekend getaways with photography (only pictures taken by yours truly) and loads of fun, geeky posts! Whether you’re checking out my travels as followers from my other blog (Pure Chick for Christ) or just want to read up on exciting destinations, exclusive foodies and main attractions before a big trip, I say to you, “welcome.”

Go ahead and snoop around, like a post, leave a comment, or just ask some questions – they always make me smile, and I will always answer them in the best way I can 🙂


Ready for adventure,

The Toiling Traveler